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New Dashboard Wants to Distinguish Heroes from Villains Based on Climate Action and CEO Pay Ratio

While it may be difficult to fit sustainability into a Marvel comics’ narrative, we find ourselves at a moment where we desperately need to know which companies behave more like Captain America and which act more like Thanos. A new dashboard offers some help!

It’s Time For A Change In The Fight On Climate Change: Goodbye Attenboroughs, Hello Gretas!

David Attenborough’s documentary “Climate Change — The Facts” is the latest indication that it’s time to say goodbye to the approach that knowledge can ignite action on climate change and adopt a new approach that believes in challenging the system in smart and non-violent ways and in getting people excited about fighting climate change. Welcome to the age of the Gretas!


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The 2019 Guide for the Sustainability Warrior

2019 should be all about navigating to a new path, where sustainability and climate change goals become achievable, not just aspirational. The following recommendations for business transformation and mindset change can help us get there.

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Can We Take [Meaningful] Action On Climate Change?

Lessons from a new study by GlobeScan and IKEA on our biggest challenge: Changing our lifestyle quickly and in a meaningful way to enable us to meet the Paris Agreement goals.


A Climate Change Pivot: Paris Agreement is Failing. This is How We Can Fix It.

It’s time to acknowledge the experiment we did so far with the Paris Agreement is failing and that we need to make a pivot (changing the strategy, not the vision) ASAP. This pivot doesn’t guarantee success, but without it failure is all but certain.


Enough is Enough! A User-Friendly Alternative to 80-Page Sustainability Reports

Can sustainability reports provide clarity on how companies address their social and environmental impacts, and at the same time can be read in 30 seconds and understood by 5-year-olds?

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It’s Time To Kill Sustainability-As-Usual Before It Kills Us

We need to design a new sandbox for companies, one that is optimized to address climate change effectively and urgently

Lessons From National Geographic’s Planet or Plastic? Campaign on Sustainable Behavior Change

Why National Geographic’s new campaign demonstrates how poorly we do when it comes to fostering sustainable behavior change and four questions we need to ask to do it better.

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desirability + feasibility + viability ≠ sustainable innovation. What do we miss?

The five Ws of sustainable innovation — 5 questions a company should ask and answer for every new product or service